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Pain as an Option

Originally posted on Over Long Distances:
“Pain is weakness leaving the body”. This phrase is common in fitness circles of every kind, with origins from the US Marine Corps. This phrase, of course, only refers to one type of pain…

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Easter Clothes?

  So my mom took me pre-teen cave dwellers to visit the cousins in ‘Bammer for Easter.  I think this is the first major holiday that Mrs. McBud and I have spent without them.  They will be missed. My mom, … Continue reading

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A Belt Holds up Your Pants (unless you don’t have any)

Over 20 years ago, I trained under a nationally ranked Instructor and earned a Brown Belt in an Americanized version the Chong do Kwan style of Taekwondo. I repeat, 20 YEARS AGO! As a teenager, I went because I thought … Continue reading

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I Turned 40.

This past week I turned 40.  I am at an age now that I don’t care what you think, and, yes, my age and hair color are finally synchronized. I have a hot wife, great kids, awesome friends, and an … Continue reading

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Barbie Dolls, Stuffed Animals and Laura Ashley

My good friend, Laura, has graciously invited people to read my blog.  She writes for a local publication and is also featured in her own blog ( ).  I am affectionately known as “Mr. Buddy” in some of her writings … Continue reading

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That is My Foot

It has been a while and I have been pretty busy. As I mentioned before, I gave my daughter my craptop, so I am blogging to you from the Droid.  It is Incredible. This picture is my foot watching the … Continue reading

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My Wife is Hot

I am really glad to be married to Mrs McBud.   On top of being quiet (I have mom, sister talking issues), smart (thanks Harriet Langford for gifted class), a great cook (I am 50 lbs heavier since we met), and … Continue reading

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So, I ate breakfast today

Alright everyone, I am back. A few (and I mean 3) people have been asking when I was going to write something else.  I have used such excuses as, “I am too busy to write anything,” “I have writer’s block,” … Continue reading

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Just watch: Shelter From the Storm Foo Fighters Drum Duel Loving Cup – The Rolling Stones feat. Jack White Neil Peart Diemon Dave’s Ninja Training Video a.k.a. Hillbilly Ninja Apache!

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