So, my wife gets her hair cut…and the hilarity ensues

Well, not really but it’s a good grabber, don’t you think?   Mandy did, in fact, get her hair cut though.  It just wasn’t that funny.

She has been talking about getting her hair cut shorter since my 8 year old was 3.  So, 5 years of monthly trims and coloring with Mrs. Mary Kicklighter and 5 years of Mandy NOT getting her hair really cut.  Countless hair magazines and internet searches, but no haircut..until now.

I guess there was a funny part.  Do you remember Roseanne’s mom on the sitcom Roseanne?  Yes?  Keep her in mind.

So, Mandy calls her mom to share her shearing activity.  Her mom’s response was CLASSIC:

Well…(dramatic pause and sigh) you know, the older you get, the shorter your hair should be.”

Yes, thanks Beverly.  I am pretty sure that comment made by me may well have ended in divorce, or worse.

I don’t agree with my mother-in-law (who happens to be one of the best grandmothers in the world), but I do think Mandy’s new cut is pretty damn hot.

Gotta go.  Olympics are on.


About mcbud

I am extremely happily married, I have two great kids, I am the hand of the king at a Registered Investment Advisory company, I am addicted to CrossFit, and I try to write.
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1 Response to So, my wife gets her hair cut…and the hilarity ensues

  1. Allison says:

    Mothers have perfected the art of putting one arm around you (lovingly) while punching you in the stomach with the other.

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