Olympics and Stuff

A few folks have been wondering where the “anti-blog blogger” has been.   I guess my first week of posts just left everyone begging for more…*yeah*.

So, where have I been?  I have been glued to the Olympics, and I suspect I will have something to say about it at some point, but to recap the highlights:

Julia Mancuso.  Julia Mancuso.  Julia Mancuso. And some more of Julia Mancuso.

Also, I am picking up the guitar after a 5 year hiatus.  My son, Campbell, who is 10 has decided the real guitar would be cool to play.  I suppose expert level on Guitar Hero has given him somewhat of a big head.  But, I am better than him at the real thing…for the moment.

Oh yes, I read a new James Patterson book.  He writes like 3 a week.  He’s no Faulkner, nor am I.  (My Mother is indeed a fish.)


About mcbud

I am extremely happily married, I have two great kids, I am the hand of the king at a Registered Investment Advisory company, I am addicted to CrossFit, and I try to write.
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5 Responses to Olympics and Stuff

  1. BHSSIGA says:

    Torah Bright. Torah Bright. Torah Bright. Please more Torah Bright.

  2. ALM says:

    I was quite disturbed by what a dithering idiot Lindsey Vonn is after watching her on Colbert last night. So I’m with you. More Mancuso, please.

  3. BHSSIGA says:

    Sounds like a sandwich I may like!?

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