My Favorites (and I don’t care if you don’t like them)

Last year on facebook, it was not uncommon to be “tagged” in peoples’ lists about their firsts, favorites, etc.  Like with emails I delete that require me to “Forward or 10 angels will die”, I generally don’t cut and paste status updates, nor do I participate in narcissistic exercises that are all about me.

However, since you took the time to look at my “place where I write stuff on the internet,” I will fill you in on some of the things that I like (my last few posts were all negative and stuff so I thought a happy vibe would be good):

Favorite Album:  London Calling, The Clash

I first heard this about 1982 at Charlie’s house.  From the title track “London Calling,” to the bonus track “Train in Vain,” I had found a band that would be in my life song list forever.  I still listen to The Clash at least 3 times a week.  R.I.P. Joe Strummer.

Favorite Hot Dog:  Nu -Way Wieners, Macon, Ga.

I know, it is sacrilege not to say Willie’s.  Willie’s is good, Nu-Way is its own category.  Deep red skinny fried-then-grilled franks in a lilly white bun with beanless chili that you will sweat for days.  Sounds yummy, huh?

Favorite Light Beer:  Coors Light

I hate all other Coor’s products.  Especially Killian’s, but Coor’s Lights, really cold, will do just fine.

Favorite IPA:  Sweetwater

I love all IPAs, but since Sweetwater is brewed in Georgia, it gets top billing.  Only drawbacks are huge hangover and it makes me fat(ter).

Favorite Del Taco Menu Item:  Combo Burrito with green sauce and sour cream

I miss Del Taco.  Combo Nachos and soft shell tacos come in second and third respectively.

Favorite Animal:  Loosey

Loosey is my 4 pound, 15-year-old cat.  My sister found her as a kitten at Sea Island 15 years ago.  Loosey hates everyone but me and my 10-year-old son.  She especially hates other cats.  She is cool.

Favorite TV Show:  Top Gear

A huge hit on BBC and BBC America.  It is about 3 normal middle-aged men who get to drive all kids of cars.  I love cars.

Favorite Car:  “Little Red”

Little Red is my Merc C230.  I have had him for 5 years.  He is a 6 speed manual, 4 cylinder supercharged “budget” Mercedes.  It cost less, a lot less, than your big-ass SUV.  It gets 35 mpg on the interstate.  And, it looks cool.

Favorite Movie:  Raising Arizona

“Eight hundred leaf-tables and no chairs? You can’t sell leaf-tables and no chairs. Chairs, you got a dinette set. No chairs, you got dick!”  Nuff said.

Favorite Author:  William Faulkner

Although he is difficult to read, I spent 2 quarters at UGA in Dr. McAlexander’s class learning about how great he is.  Dr. Mc would kick my ass if I didn’t pick Faulkner.

Favorite Poet:  Bob Dylan

You might not like how he sounds, but you can’t argue that he isn’t one of the best American poets in our lifetime.

So.  There you have it.  A few of the things that I call my favorites.  Enough about me.  Why don’t you reply and tell me how great I am.


About mcbud

I am extremely happily married, I have two great kids, I am the hand of the king at a Registered Investment Advisory company, I am addicted to CrossFit, and I try to write.
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13 Responses to My Favorites (and I don’t care if you don’t like them)

  1. Schmoodle says:


  2. Julia says:

    Hey McBud, i am getting a kick out of the fact that I knew you before you were famous! Keep up the good work, it is inspring! Especially your perkier post today, as mine was a downer. Do bloggers edit themselves? Blessings—

  3. Stick says:

    My favorite set of winter sleeping gear is in the dryer about to be nice and warm.

    • mcbud says:

      You sleep in a coffin. You are a fairy vampire and not a cool zombie.

      • Cheri Leavy says:

        I love love love Dylan so agreed he is the poet! Also agree on Faulkner, I went to Ole Miss at first before UGA graduate and you know well he lived and wrote there!!!! My Dad when I transferred said what are all these classes under “OTHER” basically no transfer…I said look Faulkner studies where he lived and wrote and yes Anthropology of the Blues are important classes. You are wrong…OTHER matters. Later, I say oh well no regrets those were my favorite classes…sorry I didn’t get through Algebra and Chemistry so well. Love your blog and well love your poet and lit choice! Love the Clash and Del Taco too. Tell Mandy Hello!

  4. mcbud says:

    Thanks for the read.

  5. Lynne says:

    I totally ripped this off, er payed homage to this in my post today.

  6. Bubba says:

    Buddy you can do much better than this. Grow a pair and write something with GUTS…
    GET REAL…Faulkner…Dylan…?
    I have conversations with you that would, if written, be masterpieces of American lit. BE THAT GUY!

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